The Latest In Mental Training

Parents! College Recruiters Are Looking At You Too!
December 5, 2018

Parents, did you know that college recruiters are paying attention to you too?

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sleep and athletic performance
Sleep: The Number One Performance Enhancer
November 7, 2018

Are you getting enough Zzs to perform at your best?

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hard coaching
Where Should We Draw The Line Between Hard Coaching And Verbal Abuse?
October 11, 2018

Is it tough love or verbal abuse?

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Three Reasons To Stop Wishing Your Child Good Luck
October 11, 2018

Instead of saying good luck, try these phrases!

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training for child-athletes
What’s The Right Amount Of Training For Child-Athletes?
August 14, 2018

What’s the right amount of pushing and training for your child-athletes?

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Helping Your Child Through Two-A-Days
August 2, 2018

How can you best support your child through two-a-days?

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Types of summer athlete
What Type Of Summer Athlete Is Your Child?
July 7, 2018

And how do you “push” each one?

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Relating Aging & Sports Performance
June 14, 2018

We do not “get old” – as if aging is synonymous with increased aches and pains and disability. We simply stop practicing.

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Finish Strong
The WOOP Method: 4 Ways To Finish Strong
May 9, 2018

Follow these four simple steps to achieve your goals when your motivation is lacking.

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Your Child Wants to Quit Sports – What Do You Do?
April 13, 2018

What do you do when your child tells you they want to quit a sport they’ve invested time in? It’s not always…

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