Dr. Eddie O’Connor Media Appearances

Learn more about Dr. Eddie O’Connor’s growing media and press presence. Read his contributions to some of the sports communities most popular outlets where he gives tips on how to maximize success. Dr. Eddie also frequents radio interviews where you can hear him discuss his experience in the field. 


Relentless Positivity

Dr. Eddie O’Connor joins Joe Martin on the Relentless Positivity Podcast to talk about the real deal in sport psychology. They explore how to overcome obstacles to achieve peak performance and why a positive mindset alone might not be enough. This episode is packed with practical advice and fresh perspectives that will change the way you think about mental toughness.

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Mind Game of Basketball

Mind Game of Basketball

Dr. Eddie O’Connor and Nico Bourgade stress the importance of mental health and its role leading to higher performance. You will find the foundations that Eddie has laid within the Grand Rapids Gold’s organization, his objectives working with them in the future and his perspective from the inside of a G-League team.

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CR-News Psych of Extreme Sports

CR-News Live

Dr. O’Connor is interviewed on CR-News Live, where he discusses the Psychology of Extreme Sports. Learn about the benefits and keys to success in extreme sports, and listen as he reviews three ways to avoid a “Did Not Finish” outcome.

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Sport Sci Podcast

How to Deal with Performance Anxiety – with Dr Eddie O’Connor, Sports Psychologist

What is the key to mental toughness? Should you believe everything your brain tells you? What is mindfulness? How do you shift from thinking to doing? Can you make your nervousness work for you? Elite sports psychologist Dr. Eddie O’Connor talks about the mental training of athletes, and how to befriend your anxiety and listen to it.

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Episode 57

Mettle Minds Podcast

Dr. O’Connor addresses the prevailing belief that positive thinking is a prerequisite for effective performance and that negative thoughts and emotions are inherently counterproductive.

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The Body Nerd Show

How does perfectionism get in the way of health? Dr. Eddie O’Connor joins Alexandra Ellis to discuss in removing barriers to peak performance.

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Healthy Hustling Podcast

Healthy Hustling Podcast

Dr. Eddie O’Connor joins Dr. Eric Broadworth of Fuel Physical Therapy & Sports Performance on his “Healthy Hustling Podcast” and answer six important questions.

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Talking to Your Athletes About Sexual Abuse in Sport

As more victims come forward with allegations of abuse against former U of Michigan Sports Dr. Robert Anderson, Dr. Eddie O’ Connor said now is a good time to talk to your student athlete about sexual abuse.

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loss of a season due to covid-19

Fox 17

As athletic programs continue to cancel games, Dr. Eddie O’Connor talks about helping players cope with the loss of a season to COVID-19.

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Athlete defeated the runway.

The Sports Project

Dr. Eddie appears on The Sports Project to discuss how athletes are focusing on mental health during the current COVID-19 crisis.

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Wood TV

In a time filled with so much uncertainty, Dr. Eddie discusses the mental effects the COVID-19 outbreak can have on athletes of every level.

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The Washington Post

Dr. Eddie talks to The Washington Post about the struggle to define “greatness” and how that mentally impacts even the GOAT athletes.

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Prevention Magazine

Dr. Eddie talks to Prevention about how to reframe your fitness goals and stay on track even when motivation fails.

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New Living Magazine

If you already feel behind on your new year’s resolution, hope is not gone! Here is how you can get back on track with tips from Dr. Eddie O’Connor.

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East Grand Rapids Living

Dr Eddie O’Connor tells his story of brokenness and searching for “it”, fueling his passion for helping others overcome obstacles to excellence in this family spotlight cover feature.

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