Sleep Your Way To The Top

Want to feel less overwhelmed, go longer and harder in your workouts, eliminate “dumb mistakes”, stop reacting emotionally and start acting intentionally?

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In this 90-minute workshop, I will help you :

– Stop the one behavior preventing you from getting enough rest

– Start one habit to fall asleep faster

– Develop emotional control to better handle the day’s challenges

Sign up for this workshop and walk away with a bedtime routine that creates better focus, mood & performance for the next day. Just $37!

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  • The “Sleep Science” Pre-Workshop
  • The “Sleep Your Way To The Top” Workshop
    • You can watch (and re-watch) both workshops anytime!
  • The “Sleep Your Way To The Top Checklist”
    • Your nightly mental, physical, and emotional to-do list that enhances sleep, promotes recovery, and improves performance

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A Sneak Peek Of What We Cover Inside:

Why sleep is your #1 performance enhancer and how to work with your body’s natural sleep drive to promote recovery.

Too busy to sleep more? – I’ll show you where to find those minutes throughout the day and save them for bedtime.

Don’t waste your time in the gym. Discover when you need to sleep to maximize muscle growth.

Too anxious to fall asleep? – I’ll give you specific anxiety reducing strategies to calm the mind and body, preparing it for optimal nighttime recovery.

Caffeine: Is that afternoon latté still in my system at bedtime?

Naps: The secret to a good power nap and how to avoid a sleep hangover.

BONUS: The “Sleep Science” pre-workshop that covers how and why your body sleeps, discover your natural sleep rhythm, activate your “sleep drive”, and find out why “am I getting enough sleep?” is the wrong question!

BONUS: Take the sleep quality index quiz and get your sleep score. Use it to track improvements over time.

BONUS: “Sleep Your Way to the Top” Summary .pdf. An easy to read outline of all the high points and suggestions for quick reference and implementation.

BONUS: “My Sleep Commitment” worksheet keeps you focused on the behaviors that will get you results.

Get the “Sleep Your Way to the Top” workshop now and start sleeping better tonight so you can perform better tomorrow.


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