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I address the things that get in the way like performance anxiety, disordered eating, pain and injury, and how to perform through the lifetime from development of skills in youth, to peak performance, to masters and senior athletes still performing at high levels late in life.

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Sleep To The Top

In my Sleep Your Way To The Top program, I help you form a bedtime routine that creates better focus, mood, & performance for the next day.

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I am now providing telehealth services for one-on-one training!

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Check out and subscribe to my YouTube channel where I publish Mental Toughness in 60 Seconds – one minute videos of practical advice organized into playlists by topic.

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Look for my Psychology of Performance: How To Be Your Best In Life course, through the Great Courses. Twenty-four 30-minute lectures covering everything in sport and performance psychology from motivation, and mindfulness, to imagery and focus strategies.

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Reduce Your Anxiety

In this free training video, learn how to relate differently to your negative thoughts and worry so you can be your best when it matters most.