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    On-demand access to Dr Eddie’s mental training

  • Sleep your way to the top: Sleep is your #1 performance enhancer. Learn how to sleep better tonight so you can play better tomorrow

  • Mindfulness Training: Focus is the most important mental skill. Improve yours to reduce the impact of negative thinking.

  • Discover Your Why: You need to have a clear idea of what you want and who you want to be to provide the motivation to overcome the adversity it takes to get there.

  • Develop Your Willingness: Build emotional strength to endure pain and difficulty in service of your goals.

  • Performance Profiling: Identify which goals will help you the most, and prioritize a plan to achieve them.


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    Monthly Mindset Video Series.

  • New Content each month on hot topics to facilitate your development.

  • Recent examples include ‘Rehab is now your sport’ for those recovering from injury, ‘Adversity is FOR you’, and ‘Membership Curse Words’ (training in helpful versus unhelpful self-talk).

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    Monthly Team Meetings

  • Each month the community gathers together for a Zoom Team Meeting to get questions answered in person by Dr Eddie, to encourage, and to challenge each other toward goal achievement.

  • For some, the Community is their favorite part of the membership because of the level of support they feel from Dr Eddie and other members.

I work with the finest professors and experts over a wide range of academic and professional disciplines. Dr. Eddie is one of the very best. He’s a hard-working and accomplished professional, a caring and supportive coach, and a charming, upbeat, and enthusiastic presenter.

Catherine Lyon - Senior Academic Content Supervisor - Great Courses

The swimmers appreciated your point of view on how everyone has feelings of doubt, fear, and uncertainty, and how they can productively deal with them. Our coaching staff noticed a change in their attitude and perspective from the very next practice.

Brandon Converse - Head Coach - East Grand Rapids Aquatics Waves

A Sneak Peek Into What We Achieve Inside:

  • 1 Sleep is your #1 performance enhancer. Learn how to work with your body’s natural sleep drive to promote recovery.
  • 2 Do you practice well but then find it doesn’t translate to competition? Develop the mindset necessary to carry your practice skills into games and play your best when it matters most. 
  • 3 Don’t let one mistake consume your mind and have you spiral you down into a series of multiple errors. Learn how to bounce back and play your best on the very next play. 
  • 4 Overthinking? Mind racing? Distracted by who is watching or fearful of who  you might disappoint if you don’t play well? Learn how to get out of your head and back in the game. 
  • 5 ‘But it’s hard!’… Yes, it is. Discover your strength to persevere through the difficult and find the motivation to keep going when everyone else quits. 
  • 6 Connect With Your Teammates… Gain access to the Success Stories Community member spot – not on Facebook, or Meta, or Google – completely private and for members-only to post successes, ask questions, encourage and support each other.
  • 7 BONUS: Chat Dr Eddie… Have a question? Get an immediate answer from Dr Eddie via his Wisdom AI tool that pulls only from Dr Eddie’s content! No more guessing the trustworthiness of the information you receive. Even better – with each answer you will get a reference list of the videos he answer was pulled from, cued to the exact spot your question is answered so you can deepen your understanding and training.
  • 8 BONUS: ‘Answer Your What If…? Questions’… Brief, practical training to overcome one of the most common mental hurdles. 
  • 9 BONUS: ‘The Fire Alarm Metaphor for Anxiety’… Understand exactly why you should be anxious and how to respond more effectively to it. 
  • 10 BONUS: ‘The Power of Self-Compassion’… An underutilized skill to enhance performance by relieving guilt and shame. 
  • 11 BONUS: ‘Who Do You Want To Be?’… A powerful exercise to improve motivation, consistency and accountability. 
  • 12 BONUS: ‘The Circle of Control’ and ‘What’s My Job?’… Two focus strategies for high pressure situations.
  • 13 BONUS: ‘Mental Toughness in 60 Seconds’… Over 150 ‘quick fix’ videos organised into 8 playlists such as ‘Motivation’, ‘Adversity and Mistakes’, ‘Anxiety, Thinking & Emotions’, and ‘Mental Skills’

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