Mettle Minds: Is Positive Thinking All it’s “Cracked up to Be?”

This episode of Mettle Minds features Dr. Eddie O’Connor, a clinical sport psychologist who for 16 years, served as the Director and Chief Psychologist of a multidisciplinary rehabilitation pain center. Dr. O’Connor is also a certified mental performance consultant (Association for Applied Sport Psychology) who helps athletes, dancers and elite individuals manage their performance anxiety.

Dr. O’Connor addresses the prevailing belief that positive thinking is a prerequisite for effective performance and that negative thoughts and emotions are inherently counterproductive. Rather, in his work with performers, he normalizes the fact that worries, fears and apprehension are inherent to the human experience and are an expression of what one cares about. He highlights the importance of one’s response to thoughts and emotions and the importance of being intentional about whether one’s actions bring the individual closer to or further away from valued aspirations.

Finally, Dr. O’Connor suggests the benefit of applying an athlete mindset to rehabilitation and highlights excellent pain management strategies.

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