sleep betterOn this episode of The Sports Project Radio Show, Steve and Dr. Eddie discuss:

  • Football and the need to improve focus in bad weather.
  • Overthinking as a way to protect us (but hurts us instead)
    • How to overcome it: “When stuck inside, focus outside.”
  • Imagery for performance enhancement
    • How to best do imagery: Move as you imagine (rather than relaxing and sitting still) and include negative emotions and situations that you rehearse overcoming with a specific refocusing and recovery plan.
  • Sleep for performance
    • How to maximize sleep: Set a reminder to go to bed, focus on gong to relax (rather than going to sleep).
    • 8 hours is the minimum for adults and 9 hours for adolescents. There are performance enhancing effects when you get 9-10
    • Be aware of the relationship between your sleep and your performance the next day. This will help you make better decisions when it is time to get ready for bed when you realize staying up will hurt you the next day.

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