Overcoming Holiday Blues During A Pandemic

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On the Sports Project Radio Show, Steve and Dr. Eddie talk about developing an “attitude of gratitude.” But it isn’t replacing negative thinking with positive. Rather, it is holding the things that are still going well alongside the challenges. It also isn’t just a feeling. It’s a behavior that can be sought out and practiced. It is those behaviors that can change the heart.

The holidays and pandemic can bring up many negative feelings and result in feeling stuck. The surprising thing is this is often a normal and understandable response. It doesn’t mean that we should stay there. But it also doesn’t mean that we have to wait to feel good to live the life we want to live.

Steve strongly encourages seeing a psychologist for the coaching that can help you work with your emotions to live the life you want and achieve the results you are looking for. The sad, mad, and scared feelings are 75% of what we can feel (4 basic human emotions.) Steve and Dr. Eddie discuss the value of the negative emotions and how you can use them to be your best.

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