New year's resolutions

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On The Sports Project Radio Show, Steve and Dr. Eddie talk about the right and wrong ways to set New Year’s Resolutions. Listen for strategies to achieve your goals in 2022.

Show highlights:

  • Most people give up their goals by the second Friday in January
  • The loss of excitement and motivation is a major reason for this
  • The key to goal success is better management of negative emotions
  • Goals that are too big create overwhelm
    • break them down into small daily tasks to make daily progress and feel successes.
  • Dr. Eddie challenges Steve on his failure language!
    • “Hopefully” and “try” are failure words to avoid
    • They lack commitment to your desired result and allow excuses why you didn’t do “X” to be valid because you met your goal of just trying
    • As Yoda said, “Do or do not. There is no try.”
  • Focus on your goal hurts performance when you don’t define the process of how to get there
    • List the specific and measurable behaviors you need to do daily to achieve your goal
    • List the 1-2 biggest thoughts, feeling or behaviors that get in your way
    • Come up with a specific plan (that you know will work) to get past these obstacles … and focus your attention and effort here

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