Being a parent is a tough job. We love our kids and are training them to be happy, responsible adults. But what do we do when that agenda conflicts with what our teen wants? Enjoy my FOX17 interview below to help set healthy boundaries for teenagers…for their benefit AND yours.

Define What Is Yours And What Is Theirs

  • We control how we feel
  • We do not control how they feel

Hurt vs. Harm

  • Some things that hurt, are good for us
  • Some things that feel good, hurt us
  • It isn’t about making our kids happy. It is about providing a safe, loving environment that teaches them relationship skills and self-care.

Benefits Of Healthy Boundaries For Teenagers

  • Kids learn to own their own emotions and be responsible for themselves
  • Lets kids of the hook of being responsible for us
  • Learn that all of their actions have reactions

Setting Healthy Boundaries For Teenagers

  • Clearly define expectations, values, and rules
  • Allow the teens to have input
  • Explain consequences (natural when possible) of breaking rules
  • Be consistent!

Dr. Eddie O’Connor is a nationally recognized clinical and sport psychologist, and has traveled the country speaking to schools, universities, teams, business organizations, and academic conferences about how to overcome obstacles to excellence.

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