“Am I good enough?” is a common question when moving from JV to Varsity. It is harder. There is more pressure.

High school stars may ride the bench during their first year of college and fall short in (unfair) comparisons against the starters.

“Coach doesn’t like or respect me,” could be the conclusion when negative feedback is given.

And after injury, “Will I lose my spot?” “Can I trust my healed body part?” and, “Will I get hurt again?” are all questions that you should ask.

Anxiety is designed to warn you about potential danger. How you respond to these warnings determines the quality of your performance under pressure.

Contrary to popular opinion, the solution IS NOT to simply calm down or not think about it. In fact, attempts to control the anxiety can actually make it worse.

Tune in to this interview with Steve Project on the Sports Project Radio Show and find out how to best respond to your anxiety to enhance your performance rather than hurt it.

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