Individual Consultations

Imagine a critical moment in the championship game. You are narrowly focused on what you need to do, and are confident in your ability to do it. That’s mental toughness, and it’s essential for success – in sport and in life.

Without mental toughness, you may find your hours of practice aren’t showing up on game day. The pressure of competition can interfere with your ability to do your best. You may lose games you “should” have won, and experience a drop in motivation because of it. This is where Dr. Eddie O’Connor can help.

Dr. Eddie is a specialist in overcoming the barriers to excellence: sport injury, perfectionism, performance anxiety and the stress of consistently performing at a high level. He helps athletes at all levels cultivate mental toughness and build skills like determination, confidence, focus, and control under pressure. This new ability can be used not only in sport, but in business, school, the performing arts, and any setting where excellence is desired.

For severe anxiety and/or distress, or in the case of sport injury rehabilitation, insurance may cover these services when a psychological diagnosis may be given. For athletes who are looking to gain a performance edge, mental training is an out-of-pocket service.