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I really appreciate your Membership Modules. The lessons from listening to the Team Meetings are really helpful because all everyone is there to build something special. I really enjoy it!

Nils - Germany

It’s going fantastic, thanks to you and Success Stories! I have learned a lot about how to excel under pressure. Thank you!

Robert Freedline - United States

Hi, I’m Dr. Eddie O’Connor.

I’m a clinical and sport psychologist dedicated to optimizing performance.

I’m honored to be both

  1. A Certified Mental Performance Consultant through the Association for Applied Sport Psychology, and
  2. A Member of the US Olympic Committee Sport Psychology Registry.

I also had appearances on FOX News, features on SiriusXM’s Doctor Radio, and mentions in dozens of notable outlets like ESPN.com and the Los Angeles Times.

Additionally, I’m the author and host of the New York Times praised course “The Psychology of Performance: How to Be Your Best in Life.”

Having spoken to over 10,000 people at over 425 events internationally, I’m passionate about delivering both informative and engaging messages to my audience.

I most enjoy working one-on-one with you to overcome your fears and doubts so that you can reach your potential in the areas of life that mean the most to you.

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With Darryl “DMC” McDaniels of RUN-DMC at C2E2

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The counsel of realizing that we can experience competing emotions or several different emotions that may not mesh well together was a real breakthrough for me. Sometimes it feels like there is one challenge after another to reach our goals but I have always recognized the kindness and compassion that was shown along the way.

Elaine Stypula - United States

Wow, you really put a lot of honesty, courage, and time into the Success Stories Community. This included you being totally up-front when behind on your tracking and the learnings from it. It’s just brilliant how you bring your own personal experience to us members.

Dave Grice - United States

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