How Can You Truly Reach
Peak Performance?

Start by looking at the food on your plate.

Peak performance is about so much more than how hard you’ve trained or how much you’ve practiced. Reach your true potential by taking a look at the food you eat!

In today’s world of fast foods and processed snacks, what our minds and bodies are truly craving is the power punch packed in real foods. Eatology has come up with a way to get your eating on track, helping you to consume a balanced diet filled with the foods that actually fuel your body, without asking you to compromise on flavor or favorites.

Burgers, pizza, chili cheese fries…whatever you’re craving, you can have! Eatology recreates your favorite dishes with all natural, non-processed fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and healthy fats.

And now, you can start down the path of clean eating while saving money, too! Use code DrEddieEats and take 10% off your food order with Eatology!

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Why Choose Eatology?

  • Everything is made fresh in-house by seasoned chefs
  • Meals are perfectly portioned to leave you belly satisfied and your body feeling energized
  • Shipping is available nationwide in insulated containers, ensuring your food remains fresh
  • Microwave-safe and oven-friendly containers make meal prep a breeze. “Just heat n’ eat!”
  • Eatology even offers “Semester Meal Plans” for college athletes looking to skip that questionable dining hall dinner for something a bit more reliable (and a lot more nutritious!)

Order from Eatology and use code “DrEddieEats” to save an additional 10% on your food order!

Here are just some of the foods used to prepare every delicious meal you order from Eatology:


What Eatology Has Done For Me

As a single dad of four kids, with a busy work schedule, Type I diabetes and an active CrossFit lifestyle, I wanted to eat well with minimal effort. I tried a couple other food delivery services, but found their meals to be bland, or their menu options to be repetitive and predictable. I grew tired of searching for the perfect meal plan to fit my lifestyle and needs.

That is, until I found Eatology. I’ve been receiving food deliveries from them for about a year, and I have LOVED the results!

They are delicious, with a rotating menu that keeps my taste buds interested and ingredients jam packed with incredible nutritional value. By eating macros, my blood sugar levels have never been more stable. With all those added sugars removed and replaced with healthy ingredients that leave me feeling full, I’ve lost weight and gained lean muscle with training. Plus, I love that there are absolutely no chemicals or preservatives in any dish.

With Eatology, meals couldn’t be easier! No shopping or meal prep or cooking required. Just pop the dish in the microwave for three minutes (the packaging is microwave-safe!) and you’re all set to dig in. Since there is no prep, cooking, or clean-up require, I’m getting hours in my day back to train and be with my kids.

Simply put, Eatology has been a blessing to my health, my training, and my family. And I’m happy to share this opportunity with you.

So what are you waiting for? Take advantage of Dr. Eddie’s 10% discount on your Eatology order today! Your mind, body, and sport will thank you for it.