With August now in full swing, both kids and parents are preparing for the upcoming school year and sports seasons. For many, it is a step up in competition or academic rigor.

Watch my interview with Fox-17 WXMI below to help make this transition a successful one.


One of the most challenging events in a performer’s life is the jump up to a higher level of competition. This Fall, maybe we have kids going from JV to Varsity, taking it more seriously and investing more time. Maybe, we have a really smart kid going to a really smart college and he isn’t the smartest kid in the room anymore.

How do you handle it when you were one of the best, a big fish in a little pond, and now you are in a bigger pond, where all the fish are big, and some of them are huge?

Common Reactions

  • Performance anxiety
  • Decreased enjoyment
  • “Do I still want to do this?”

Best Responses

  • Shift from focus on the outcome and result to the process
  • Embrace learning and growing
  • Be willing to work harder