I frequently help high performers overcome obstacles to excellence. But what happens when the pursuit of excellence is the problem?

We live in a world where achievement and success are rightfully rewarded. At times, however, it is no longer just what we aim for, but can become a measure of who we are.

The Downfalls

  • Success, winning or perfection is then needed to feel loved and worthy.
  • Performance anxiety, loss of enjoyment, depression can result.

Where does it end? How much achievement is enough to be good enough?

What You Need To Know:

  • You are more than the sum of your accomplishments.
  • You are loved for more than what you have achieved.
  • Your worth is not in your body, your wealth, your job title, your grades, your wins or your losses.

Three Truths That Help:

  1. Mistakes are great – relate to them as opportunities for growth.
  2. Be You. The world needs a You.
  3. What do you want them to say when you’re gone?

Take a look at Dr. Eddie O’Connor’s FOX17 interview on overcoming obstacles to excellence below.


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