All Season Sport Psychology

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In this podcast, I discuss all things sport psychology with hosts Sunny Park & Matt Dove on Sunny’s podcast, All Season.

We share experiences of self-development. Specifically, we focus on how the pursuit of positivity may be misleading, and how having a healthy relationship with pain and suffering may be your best path to excellence.

As we dove deeper into the topic of sport psychology, the role of faith in sport and excellence was brought up, as well as discovering the purpose of pain and how you can experience it as a blessing. Perfectionism can both help and hurt at the same time, and it’s important to improve on your relationship with mistakes and fear of failure.

Take a listen to the podcast, and learn the Three Focus Steps that experts use in their deliberate practice to become experts. You won’t believe how much performance-enhancing information was packed into this episode!

Dr. Eddie O’Connor is a nationally recognized clinical and sport psychologist, and has traveled the country speaking to schools, universities, teams, business organizations, and academic conferences about how to overcome obstacles to excellence.

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