Kids are officially back to school and the start of sports seasons are in full swing, which means you’ll soon be dealing with expectations vs. realities based on these early results.

Maybe things have gone extremely well, or maybe things have gotten off to a rough start. In this FOX17 interview, Dr. Eddie O’Connor helps you handle the expectations that come with both good and bad starts.

The most important thing to remember is this: It’s Just the Beginning

If things are going well…

  • Remember excitement and motivation are high; this honeymoon period will soon be over
  • Commit yourself to developing good process skills for studying in school and training in sport
  • Beware of overconfidence
  • There are more difficult challenges ahead (opponents, adversity, tests, etc.)

If things have started out rough…

  • Don’t give up; the end result has yet to be determined
  • How you respond to this adversity will determine your final sport record or grade
  • Focus on the game or test ahead of you
  • Performance is best when you focus on the present moment and control what you can, letting go of the rest

How parents can help when dealing with expectations…

  • Avoid expectations based on early results
  • Help your kids stay in the here and now, not lingering too long on past mistakes or worrying about the future
  • Remind them that failure is an opportunity to learn
  • Remind them that the future depends on how they prepare today

Dr. Eddie O’Connor is a nationally recognized clinical and sport psychologist, and has traveled the country speaking to schools, universities, teams, business organizations, and academic conferences about how to overcome obstacles to excellence.

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