REPLAY: Overcome disappointments. Rise above challenges.

It is not the challenges we face that limits our success, it is how we respond to them. It isn’t even the (normal) negative thoughts and emotions that keep us from succeeding. It is how we choose to respond to them that matters.

Your sport, job, and health don’t care what you think and feel. What you do determines your success.

Engage your thoughts and feelings from this point of view: “Does this belief/emotion move me toward or away from my values and goals?”

If you struggle to control your thoughts and feelings, you cannot focus on your performance actions to be successful.

How can you be willing to experience the adversity in service of your goals?

In his latest appearance on FOX 17, Dr. Eddie O’Connor introduced viewers to “REPLAY: Overcome Disappointments. Rise Above Challenges”, a free event in which Dr. Eddie O’Connor discussed his methods for how students can best become mentally fit:

Dr. Eddie O’Connor is a nationally recognized clinical and sport psychologist, and has traveled the country speaking to schools, universities, teams, business organizations, and academic conferences about how to overcome obstacles to excellence.

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